01. Toronto's CN tower is the tallest free-standing [structure] in the world.
02. The traditional family [structure] has undergone a great many changes in the last few decades, due to the increase in the divorce rate.
03. The course is [structured] in a way to improve students' communicative skills, in addition to their academic skills.
04. We need to review the management [structure] of this company to allow the workers a greater say in the decision-making process.
05. The [structure] was seriously damaged during the fire, and will have to be demolished.
06. The building suffered significant [structural] damage during the earthquake.
07. The [structure] of this molecule is quite complex.
08. Throughout the centuries, the political [structure] of ancient China varied with cycles of civil war and conquest.
09. Khalil Gibran wrote that the most solid stone in the [structure] is the lowest one in the foundation.
10. The eye of an octopus is very similar in [structure] to the human eye.
11. The ESL program at this university is [structured] in two different streams: academic and communicative.
12. Wolves live in packs which are complex social [structures].
13. A report released after the destruction of the WTC by terrorist attacks stated that the initial explosion did little [structural] damage, but the fires from the remaining fuel brought the towers down.
14. Previously considered to be a primitive practice, the voodoo religion is actually highly [structured], with a complicated set of rules.
15. Venezuelan society has been described as very rigid in its class [structures] in the working world.
16. Following the merger, [restructuring] was deemed necessary in order to incorporate the newly acquired plants and employees.
17. People in Senegal are born into traditional family [structures] that determine one's rights and responsibilities.
18. Ernest Rutherford discovered the [structure] of the atom in 1911.
19. Cellular [structure] is a characteristic of all living material.
20. In spite of some differences, animal and plant cells do have a similar basic [structure].
21. At over 1,200 miles long, Australia's Great Barrier Reef is the largest living [structure] on Earth.
22. It appears that as we get older, the brain may compensate for the losses it experiences as a result of the aging process by making better use of the [structures] that remain intact.
23. Some psychological disorders are associated with [structural] problems within the brain.
24. Over 100 employees lost their jobs as a result of the [restructuring] of the company.
25. We need to [restructure] the company somewhat to reduce the duplication of services by different departments.
26. A dome-shaped building is [structurally] stronger that a box-shaped building.
27. Her class is very [unstructured], which allows for a lot of individual initiative, but can be frustrating for those who like things a bit more organized.
28. Our course is very [unstructured]; the instructor never seems to have any plan for what we're going to do each day.
29. After the merger, the company was [restructured] to reduce staff.
30. If management [restructures] the company as they are planning, hundreds of people stand to lose their jobs.
31. Natural landscapes are greatly influenced by both the rock [structure] of a region and its climate.
32. Music in Europe became more consciously [structured] beginning around the eleventh century.

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